Each of our Never-Flat Tubes is engineered specific to each tube size—the chemistry unique to each. We discovered early on that matching the performance of a conventional tire in speed required specialized engineering. The result is superior control and handling. Over the time of a longer ride, heat builds up within a conventional air tube.  When this happens, the rubber softens, and punctures easily.  Not so with PERAM Never-Flat Tubes.

The PERAM Never-Flat Tube is not made of urethane or heavy reclaimed rubber with blowing agents. Rather, the PERAM Never-Flat Tube is a patent pending composition of sophisticated rubber chemistry. This results in a day-long or short ride that’s almost effortless.

It was our goal to offer a solution to riders everywhere – flat tires!   And, we’ve done that.  We have eliminated the need to constantly check tire pressure to insure a safe, comfortable ride.  We have created a unique rubber composition that performs far beyond expectations.

  1. Proprietary compound results in a ‘bounciness’ to rival traditional tubes.
  2. Special rubber properties which resist heat.
  3. Consistent tire firmness as conventional pneumatic tires.
  4. Retains a bounce throughout your ride.
  5. Better handling performance due to continual firmness in both tires.